Growing Stem Cells in 3D Microgels for Regenerative Medicine

Binil Starly discusses his work on culturing stem cells in 3D microgels using a low shear stress rotating wheel-type bioreactor. The study poses microgels as a viable option for growing millions to billions of the therapeutic stem cells required for regenerative medicine.

Tanuja Koppal
November 20, 2017
Canada Joins the CAR T-Cell Club

Canada and GE Lifesciences are teaming up on a $40 million center to drive innovation in cell therapy manufacturing and scale-up.

Michael MacRae
November 06, 2017
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Cell Therapy Manufacturing: Quality By Design

Before they can deliver cell therapy products to large numbers of patients, engineers must find a way to manufacture them safely, reliably, and cost-effectively. Now, a team of bioengineers have a manufacturing paradigm they think can improve that process.

Kayt Sukel
November 06, 2017
Nanotech Could Transform Organ Transplants

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October 18, 2017
Genome Editing White Paper Coming in July

We are almost ready to share the next AABME white paper, Genome Editing and Biomanufacturing, by Gang Bao, a pioneer in nanomedicine, molecular imaging, and the emerging area of genome editing.

July 20, 2017
Implanting Fully Working Microbots in Humans

Researchers have developed a way to manufacture microrobots solely from biomaterials that have freely moving parts, can be safely implanted in the body, and can be activated wirelessly.

Nancy S. Giges
April 17, 2017
Big Step Forward in Powered Ankle Prostheses

A new model from the U.K. will allow amputees to pick up their foot and walk up slopes.

Cassie Kelly
April 10, 2017