Cell Therapy

The Challenges and Promise of Cell Therapy Production

Dr. Patrick Hanley, assistant research professor of pediatrics in the Center for Cancer and Immunology research at the Children’s Research Institute in Washington D.C. and director of the Good Manufacturing Practices cell therapy laboratory at Children’s National Health System, on the new developments in the design and manufacturing for T cell therapies. He discussed ways in which technology can help simplify the methodologies and bring consistency and scalability to cell manufacturing.

Tanuja Koppal
March 12, 2018
Engineering Consortium Focuses on Cell Therapy Production

Georgia Tech Engineers created an organization to develop standards and production processes designed to mass produce life-saving cell-based therapeutics at affordable prices. Via AABME.

Nancy S. Giges
March 05, 2018
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Doctors Reach for Remote Control to Improve Cancer Care

A new ultrasound technique that manipulates immune cells from outside the body could be the future of cancer care.

Tim Sprinkle
March 05, 2018
Molecular Mailman Improves Delivery of Gene Therapy

Researchers discover new molecular linker that orients targeting antibodies to help nucleic-acid filled particles reach target cells via AABME

Melissae Fellet
February 26, 2018
Scaffold-Grown Tumor Cells to Personalize Cancer Treatments

Testing drugs against patients’ cancer cells—without subjecting patients to chemotherapy—could lead to better, faster treatment.

Menaka Wilhelm
February 12, 2018
Cell Research Taps into Fountain of Youth

A new breakthrough in anti-aging research could lead to gene and stem cell therapies that turn back the hands of time.

Michael MacRae
February 05, 2018
Single-Chamber Bioreactor Grows Both Bone and Cartilage

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Cellular and Molecular Engineering have developed a small bioreactor that grows constructs of bone and cartilage in a single chamber.

Alan Brown
January 29, 2018
Regenerative Medicine Takes Giant Leaps

Regenerative medicine searches for ways to move into larger tests and commercial products.

Alan Brown
January 22, 2018
System Automates Cell Culture Optimization

A combined bioreactor and cell culture analyzer automatically monitors and adjusts growing conditions on 48 different cell cultures.

Melissae Fellet
January 22, 2018
Industry Confronts Challenge of Shipping Cells for Therapy

A new system may help solve the problem of shipping cells between laboratories and hospitals and clinics by developing an alternative to cryopreservation.

Alan Brown
January 16, 2018
Virus Shortage for Cell Therapies Creates Engineering Opportunity

Engineering and manufacturing expertise could ease the shortage of viral vectors used for drug delivery in the booming gene therapy market.

Michael MacRae
January 08, 2018
3D Bioprinter Technology Targets Researchers

In the wake of recent developments in the field of cell therapy, bioprinter vendors are seeking to market to more sophisticated researchers.

Alan Brown
December 18, 2017
New Processes Bring Greater Confidence to Cell Therapies

New technologies for engineering cells, monitoring cellular attributes and accelerating manufacturing lead to better and safer cell therapy products.

Tanuja Koppal
December 11, 2017
New Cell Therapy Could Expand CAR-T Treatments

Scientists are now developing alternative strategies for producing new types of CAR-T treatments.

Michael MacRae
December 04, 2017