Tissue Engineering

Putting Skin in the Game

This “skin on a chip” bioreactor can help researchers study and treat keloid disease and other forms of extreme scarring.

John Kosowatz
January 16, 2018
3D-Printed Spider Silk Can Grow Heart Muscle Cells

Researchers have succeeded in growing heart muscle tissue on a substrate made from 3D-printed, bioengineered spider silk. The results show promise for the production of functional heart tissue for improving cardiac function after heart attacks and strokes.

Mark Crawford
October 23, 2017
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New Wound Care Product Offers the Next Step in Healing

A new wound dressing fights infection and uses human cells to regrow tissue without scarring.

Cassie Kelly
October 09, 2017
Bioengineering with New Materials

From heart patches to micromotors that deliver medicine directly to the stomach lining, new materials are being bioengineered to heal the body.

Alan Brown
September 25, 2017
The Future of Organ Banking

Mechanical engineers have the know-how to push back the boundaries of cryopreservation of human tissues.

Yoed Rabin , Jede...
July 31, 2017
Hybrid Crawling Robot Made with Living Tissue

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have combined a muscle from a sea slug’s mouth as well as bundles of its neurons and nerves with flexible 3D printed components to build biohybrid robots that inches forward.

Jean Thilmany
July 24, 2017
Designing Better Bone

Engineering software helps design and machine human bone for transplantation.

Meredith Stettner
May 01, 2017