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Regenerative medicine offers the possibility that someday physicians may be able to replace damaged or diseased organs and tissues with new ones grown from a patient’s own cells. Sign up for free to access this AABME whitepaper.

July 03, 2017

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The creation of highly organized multicellular constructs, tissues, and organoids will revolutionize regenerative medicine. The production of these high-order tissues and organs will enable the generation of personalized tissues and organs from human pluripotent stem cells for patient-tailored transplantation. They can also be used as disease models for pathophysiological study and drug screening. With the advent of stem cell biology, tissue engineering, and the discovery of the ability to reprogram patient-specific cells into human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), the production of personalized tissues—unthinkable just a few decades ago—is now within reach.

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"Automated Biomanufacturing and Three-Dimensional Tissue and Organ Fabrication: Success Stories of Clinical Translation for Regenerative Medicine"
Kaiming Ye
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Center of Biomanufacturing for Regenerative Medicine
Binghamton University, State University of New York (SUNY)

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