Collaborate with AABME

Let’s talk about how we can work together to advance bioengineering.

In a world of widely distributed knowledge that is changing every day, collaboration in this multidisciplinary space is crucial. AABME brings together key players in the biomedical engineering arena—from biologists to engineers and scientists. There are countless ways that participation in AABME enables biomedical innovation that can advance human health.

Current AABME collaborators

Why become an AABME collaborator? Here’s how your organization can benefit:


  • Connect with a biomedical audience beyond your traditional network and expand your global reach
  • Share your subject matter expertise with a new audience to further position your organization as a thought leader
  • Increase your organization’s visibility to your current and future collaborators in the bioengineering community
  • Be part of a truly unique initiative that has created an ecosystem for the bioengineering community to work together in support of scientific inquiry and advancement
  • Ensure your organization’s voice is heard in relation to the bioengineering community’s needs

Learn how to join the Alliance today by contacting:
Christine M. Reilley
Business Development Director, Healthcare