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Cell Manufacturing for Engineers

The exponential growth of the cell therapy industry has resulted in a demand for the solutions to improve scalability, automate processes, reduce labor costs, and maintain quality assurance, which can be solved by applying engineering principles.

Biomedical Engineers Grow Human Tissue that Suppress Immune Response

Biomedical engineers grow personalized tissue transplants for heart, spinal cord, and brain from patients’ own fatty cells.

For the First Time, Gene Therapy Delivered Straight to the Lungs

MIT bioengineers advance a technique to deliver nucleic-acid-based treatment to the lung by a noninvasive aerosol inhalation.

Nano Tweezers Take Molecules from Cells without Destroying Them

Scientists have created nano tweezers that extract single molecules from cells without destroying them. The device should help researchers study the inner workings of cells in real-time.

A Step Toward Regenerating Amputated Limbs

Wearable device helps frogs regrow amputated limbs.

Organ-on-a-Chip Gives Insight into Crohn's and Other Diseases

A new organ-on-a-chip device confirms that damage to the intestinal barrier triggers gut inflammation, which could lead to Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.   

Advanced Metamaterial Reshapes Hip Replacement Surgery

Mechanical metamaterials offer new hope to orthopedic patients and their doctors by nearly eliminating degradation and damage to the hip socket.

Oxygen-Mapping Sensor Could Improve Organ Transplants, Skin Grafts

A new, flexible oxygen mapping device could help to prevent rejection of organ transplants and skin grafts.

Wireless Implant Helps Paraplegics Walk Again

A brain-to-spine wireless implant uses electrical stimulation of the spinal cord combined with weight therapy to help patients with spinal cord injuries walk.

Imaging Tool Quickly Measures Brain Cancer Treatment Effectiveness

An experimental imaging technique could help clinicians quickly identify the effectiveness of brain cancer treatment, change therapies if needed, and predict tumor aggressiveness.

Device Removes CO2 from Blood to Help People with COPD

A new device works like a kidney dialysis machine to remove excess CO2 from the blood to help those with COPD, cystic fibrosis, and other diseases.

This Patch Can Mend a Broken Heart

Researchers have developed a 3-D printed patch that can deliver healthy cells to the heart after a heart attack.

An MRI That Won’t Scare Kids and Could Help Adults

A group of doctors and engineers solve problems that prevent doctors from ordering an MRI for some children.

Stem Cells Heal Damaged Muscle, Doing What Surgery Can’t

Engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have figured out a cell-based approach to healing damaged muscle that could offer a more efficient method than those currently used.